Code Of Conduct For Teacher

    We, the teachers and authorities of Loreto Elliot Road pledge to:

  • Take personal care of each child in our charge and ensure that no damage of a physical, mental or emotional nature is done.
  • Prepare our work and take our classes so well that children do not need to be scolded or forced to study nor create problems of discipline in the class.
  • Keep in touch with parents and ensure that the basic needs of their children are met so they can do well in school.
  • Respect the integrity of each child by not talking or discussing them or their problems in the staff room .
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding any information of a personal nature that we receive .
  • Be available to children who need to confide in us about situations to which they have been exposed to. We must react appropriately and refer the problem to the concerned authority.
  • Be clear on the measures that need to be taken, should we observe any form of abuse in the school.