Mary Ward week 2021 inspired me

Mary Ward inspired me to realize the courage and strength every girl child posses. Her maxims have taught me to raise voice against the wrong and unjust . I have learnt to fight for my rights. Surah Khan Class- 8 Sec- 2
Mary Ward inspired me to help the poor and needy. Shrija Chowdhury Class- 3 Section-1
Mary Ward was a pioneer for church ministry and a woman ahead of her time in shaping apostolic religious life as we know it today. Mary Ward expected much and believed with all her heart that "woman in time to come will do much". Alishba jawed Class 1 sec 2
Let no Day go by in which you do not heroically conquer yourself as we can provide something more than ordinary these words of Mary Ward inspired me a lot and my family. Alina Mullick Class 9 sec 1
Mary Ward has inspired me for her truthful talks and to always have faith in God what ever comes in our way.Ifra Mullick Class 1 section 1
Mary Ward was famous for initiative of women education. She worked hard on that day to establish the value of woman in society. She was the foundress of all Loreto Institutes. I am really proud that I am a student of ' Loreto Day School'. She had inspired me with keep faith in god. I am also inspired by her honesty, courage, her determination and good behaviour. I have learnt that how to help the poor people. My favourite maxim of her is ' Do your best and god will help you.' Bristi Bose, Class 3, Section 2
Enter CommentMary Ward inspired me to be greatful to everyone.She taught us to be humble and kind.She has inspired me with her faith in God and Hope that women in time to come will do much better.She dedicated her life for the well being of girls.It is a proud for me to always be a part of Loreto founded by Mary Ward. Rida Rahman Class 3 sec2
Mary Ward has inspired me to love the poor, persevere in the same, live, die, and rise with them. She has inspired thousands of women who are empowered to do great things. She has taught me to praise and glory of God in everything. I also want to follow her footsteps and do good to humanity. ALVIA TAUFIQUE, KG II
There are many new things I keep learning from the life and lessons of Mary Ward. However, one of the things that struck me during the 2021 Mary Ward Week, is her thought that she will give everything before God and whatever she needs she will get that from God. My understanding is we should devote everything before God and also draw the inspiration, courage and strength required to pursue that from God himself. - Indrakshi Chiki, Class 4, Sec ii.
Mary Ward has inspires me with her faith in God and all her maxim also inspires me, like " God has time for us all." Anushka Ghosh, 5-(ii).
'Love and speak the truth at all times' : maxim by Mary Ward. -Aleena Kaif, Class 2 Section 2 , Roll 22
Mary Ward taught us to not act out of fear , but solely from love. She also inspired us to do our best, and God will help us in all our tasks. Not only was she a visionary for all seasons, but also put faith in God in all things. She taught me deep love and have respect for God. -Aleena Kaif, Class 2 Section 2 Roll-22
Mary Ward, an epitome of righteousness inspired me and my family. Her maxim " DO NOT ENDEAVOUR SO MUCH TO PLEASE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS TO BE OF USE TO HER " enriched us personally and intellectually In true sense , she was a steer who guided us to be virtuous ,as pure as the driven snow ! VEDICA TANDON , CLASS - V SEC -1.
Enter Mary Ward inspired me to be good , do good things for others & faith in God And Yourself. Aradhya Jaiswal class 2 Sec-ii
Mary Ward inspired me to be fearless and stand up for what is right and just. she taught me to be focused and dedicated to my work. she sets an example for all the women that indeed women in time to come will do much. she has taught me that no matter how difficult the situation is , I should not lose hope and faith in God and should keep trying and trusting God ,eventually God will make a way for me . SANJANA MONDAL CLASS: XII SEC: C
Enter CommentMary Ward inspired me amd my family from her maxim be seekers of good and doers of justice which instilled my family to always speak the truth and stand with justice. It's a proud moment for me to always be a part of Loreto founded by Mary Ward. Aishah Salam Class- V Section - ii
Mary Ward inspired me and my family by her awe-inspiring maxims. She dedicated her life for the well being of girls. I am proud to be in a school to have such a stout foundress, Mary Ward..... Sreya Misra Class 5 Sec- 1
Mary Ward Inspired Me To Be Humble And Always Be Kind And Merciful. Her Maxim Women In Time Will Do Much Inspired Me That I Can Be A New Change In Society. She Showed That Enable Education Against All Odds For Girls-Shows Persiveresene, Dedication, Visionary And Faith. Priyanka Chatterjee 3-1
Mary Ward inspired me to be humble and good and always move on the right path and be gentle to people. She has taught me to be helpful especially to the poor and i strive to be like that always Sara nawaz class 9-1
Mary Ward has inspired me with her faith in God and hope that women in time to come will do much. Aaratrika Paul Class-5 Sec-2
Mary Ward, a woman beyond compare....... I am inspired by her generosity, cheerfulness, courage and deep faith in God. Afreen Abedin Class III Sec-I
Mary Ward Inspired Me With Her Determination And Persistence Against saying truth and helping poor people
Mary ward inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and help people out of free will.
Mary Ward inspired me with her determination and persistence against monumental odds. Her selfless desire to serve humanity is exemplary. I hope I am able to develop and nurture these qualities in myself. I am proud to be a Loretian. Aayra Faisal (1) Sec (2)
Mary Ward inspired me with her determination and persistence against monumental odds. Her desire to serve humanity is exemplary.
Mary Ward was the founder of Loreto Day School and a very kind person. I was inspired by her good behavior and her maxims . When I was small I broke the vase and told a lie to mom. But when I thought of Mary Ward's maxim" SPEAK TRUTH AT ALL TIMES " Then I told mother about it and she forgive me . I am so proud that I study in a school which's founder is MARY WARD. Shubhi Pandey (5) sec (1)
Mary Ward was an honorable women , who inspired and lightened the hearts of girls all around the world . I am inspired by each and every maxim of Mary Ward , one of my favorite maxim of hers is "THE BEST WAY TO BEAR TROUBLE IS TO THANK GOD FOR THEM " whenever I am in trouble I keep thanking the almighty for them and soon my trouble ends this maxim has helped and inspired me a lot so that's why I wanted to share it with my whole school. I am so glad and proud to say that I study in LER a great school which was found by such a kind hearted lady . NAME :Uzma Fatma Anwar CLASS : 4 SEC : 2
Mistrust in god ties as it were ,His hands so that he cannot bestow on us his blessings Madeha Nayaz class 4(ii)
Women in time will do much
Mary ward inspired me and my family by her beautiful and inspiring maxims and thoughts. One of her maxims which is very common and many of us that are following is "DO YOUR BEST AND GOD WILL HELP"'. I use this maxim in ways when i am doing anything important or have to do. This maxim always works. by-atifa hussain (class 2 sec 2)a student from loreto elliot road "PROUD TO BE IN THIS SCHOOL"
Sometimes we don't realise how simple human being can reach epitome of divinity with their actions. Certainly Mary Ward was one such soul made of flesh and blood to have walked this face of earth. Her determination to build generations to come through crusading for girls education inspires me to keep struggling for a noble deed without getting perturbed by the obstacles that would be encountered in the path. Her life has served as a great example for previous, current and future generations and explained one and all that one could be religious and still continue to be a contributor towards building of mainstream society. Father of Safura Belal (Class 1 Section II)
Friends....late date for making entries here will be 5th February spread the word so that those who wish to share what inspired them....can still do so by the 5th - Sr Marilla , Principal
Journeying with Venerable Mary Ward – CJ Allahabad Province - January 2021 ( available on You Tube....under the name 'Journeying with Mary Ward ') 1 1st January Sr Roshini CJ Mary Ward – Incomparable Woman 2 2nd January Sr Sumita CJ Mary Ward’s devotion to Mother Mary 3 3rd January Sr Celine CJ Love for the Holy Name of Jesus 4 4th January Sr Lynette CJ Vocation to Religious Life 5 5th January Sr Teresina CJ A burning desire for Martyrdom 6 6th January Sr Evelyn CJ Living the Vows in Daily Life 7 7thJanuary Sr Marion CJ Mary Ward – The Pilgrim 8 8thJanuary Sr Sagaya CJ Under the banner of the Cross 9 9th January Sr Sunita CJ Care & Salvation of Souls 10 10th January Sr Anupa CJ The Glory Vision 11 11th January Sr Martha CJ Take the Same of the Society 12 12th January Sr Shweta CJ The Just Soul Vision 13 13th January Sr Jyoti CJ A Mystical Moment 14 14th January Sr Cecilia CJ An Apostolic Vocation 15 15th January Sr Prabha CJ A call to Self - Denial 16 16th January Sr Sarita CJ Mary Ward’s devotion to the will of God 17 17th January Sr Gretti CJ The strength of the Religious State 18 18th January Sr Lissy CJ Courage to Dare 19 19th January Sr Christina CJ Equanimity in Suffering 20 20th January Sr Janet CJ Immersed in God 21 21st January Sr Roselette CJ Love & Forgiveness 22 22nd January Sr Surbhi CJ Love for the Poor 23 23rd January Sr Jane CJ Happy Birthday Mary Ward 24 24th January Sr Sharon CJ Divine Providence 25 25th January Sr Marina CJ A Graced Companion 26 26th January Sr Namita CJ A Woman of Prayer 27 27th January Sr Renu CJ Mary Ward and Freedom 28 28th January Sr Kiran CJ Mary Ward and Justice 29 29th January Sr Alisha CJ Mary Ward and Sincerity 30 30th January Sr Mariette CJ Cherishing God’s Vocation 31 31st January Sr Roshini CJ Be Wholly God’s
I Soujanya Palit Class 4 (ii)l inspired from many things . To give service to any one willingly , to show the mercy before the poor , speak the truth always ,gathering myself with good habits and all time be glad and happy.
The LER family will remember 'UBUNTU'..."I am because you are" I was particularly glad to see this expression of solidarity , oneness , synergy....reflected in the purpose of the Mary Ward Booklet.We CJ & Loreto Sisters are encouraged to recognise the common elements of our common heritage. - Sr Marilla , Principal
It gives me great joy dear FRIENDS to see & read so many responding to our invitation....How has Mary Ward Week 2021 inspired you.... -Sr Marilla , Principal
I, Sonia Rahman is an ex student of Loreto Day School Elliot Road. I learnt about Mary Ward when I was small. Mary Ward inspired a lot of girls for sure however for me personally; she gave me a vision towards my future. One of her quotes did make a lot of difference in my life that said “Women in time to come will do much”, I understood the meaning of these words as it always motivated me to gather myself and fight any given situation, that could be personal life issues, professionally or to inspire other women or girls. Every Loreto girl (especially Loreto Elliot Road) have become self sufficient. Loreto not just teaches academically but it builds and natures the young minds to become warriors for future. I am one of the specimens, as my school, my teachers and sisters have always given me the right knowledge and showed the right path. My grandmother studied under the Loreto Banners when mother Teresa was a part of the organization, post which my mother and aunts were are part of it, after which I continued the legacy and now my daughter is continuing it. I was, I am and I would always be a proud to be a part of Loreto Day School Elliot Road. Name: Samaira Khan Class: I Section: ii
The Maxim of Mary Ward " THE BEST WAY TO BEAR TROUBLES IS TO THANK GOD FOR THEM" help in building strength within ourselves. The Lady of her Times had the Mastery of spreading the belief to accept the life as it is and thank God for all HIS actions......Saanvi Lahiri, Class-I, Sec-2
I thank the lord for such a wonderful Lady Mary Ward who inspires me so much ,and I am proud to be a loreto student....Joanna nidhi gomes
I am proud to be in a school to have such a courageous foundress who worked for the welfare of women in society. I too am inspired to become like Mary Ward Rachel Angela Caszo. Class: 3 Sec: 1
I thank the lord for such a wonderful Lady Mary Ward who inspires me so much and I am proud to be a loreto student.
The very devotional thought of Mary Ward towards women that says "Women in the time to come will do much" inspires me and enlightens my soul from within. I feel truly grateful and blessed to have this great lady in our country who brought women of India from dark phase to a much brighter phase. In response to her great contribution,I feel like pushing all limits and do the best I can in my life for the women of my time and ahead......... Maryam Ali Hossain Class I - II
The Maxim of Mary Ward "Do your best and God will help"has inspired me for it cheers us and make us more confident in the work we are afraid to also make us understand that if in anything we are weak and we are trying to that particular thing then God will help us for that sure. So,in anything or any work which l am too weak in l will follow this Maxim of Mary Ward and when l will try my best to do, l believe that God will help me-Mousam Benozir Nur, Class-4-2
The Maxim of Mary Ward " Women in the Time to come will do Much ", not only inspired me but my whole family. The foundress of Loreto Schools dedicated Her Life for the well being of Girls. I also Believe in one of Her Maxims " Do Your Best And God Will Help ".therefore i am really trying my best and God will help me to do much...............Sarina Khan, Class IV-II
Mary Ward, a woman much ahead of her time, continues to inspire members of the family she laid the foundations of... her dedication to her goal resulted in the emancipation of many women around the globe. The Mary Ward Week celebration every year by the Loreto family, serves to remind its members and beyond that if you have a dream, a vision, you should believe in yourself and more importantly the Almighty to make it a reality... ~ Shruti Handa, Teacher at Loreto Elliot Road
The maxim of Mary Ward that inspired me the most is "Gather for yourself in your youth a great treasure of good habits". This teaches us to be disciplined early in our lives which will take us a long way into our future. I also truly believe in her maxim which says "Do your best and god will help" Suhrida Ghosh, Class-1, section-2
Enter Mary Ward inspired me and my family by her beautiful maxims ''Do good and God will help '' ''Woman in time to come will do much '' and the one which I like the most is ''TO LOVE THE POOR LIVE ,DIE AND RISE WITH THEM WAS ALL THE AIM OF MARY WARD '' ANUSHKA SAHA CLASS -IV SEC - (ii) .
Mary ward was truly a fairy for girls.I’m highly inspired with her immense dedication and courage that in spite of fierce opposition she set up institutions for girls everywhere to further the position of women through education.It was all possible because of her faith and courage only that her vision is successful and we women today are really doing much in society.I’m proud that my daughter is a loretoite and grateful to respected Sr Marilla & all teachers for imparting great qualities in all students for their better future so that as women they will rule the world and have an equal share in society. Warm Regards Mrs Neha M/O Veronica Singh(Class 1 Sec 2)
Mary Ward has inspired to all the woman for all the generation. She was an inspirational icon for all of us. As an Ex Student of Loreto I Pinku Seal and my daughter Madhurima Seal feel proud of being a Loretorian as well as for being a part of Loreto Family. Madhurima Seal of Class 2 Section II
Mary Ward Is A Fascinating Early Modern Woman Who Has Been Relatively Inspired Me From My Early Childhood Days, As An Ex Loreto Proud Student And A Proud Mother Of Present Loreto Student We Are Blessed To Be A Part Of This Family. Lots Of Thanks To Our Respected Sr Marilla , And Teachers. Toma Rudra Paul [Ex-Loreto Student] And Mother Of Tanishqa Paul Of Class: 1 Sec: II
Mary Ward is a fascinating early modern woman who has been relatively inspired me from my early childhood days, As an ex Loreto proud student and a proud mother of present Loreto student we are blessed to be a part of this family. Lots of thanks to our respected Sr Marilla , and Teachers. Toma Rudra Paul [ex-Loreto student] and mother of Tanishqa Paul of class: 1 sec: ii
In & throughout the Week....i saw this maxim exhibited...."Do good and do it well"....I was inspired by the enthusiasm , true love & dedication I saw in all the presentations made for Mary Ward Week by the Elliot Road family..... Mary Ward will surely intercede on our behalf ... - Sr Marilla , Principal
I am inspired by Mary ward as she live maximum for one's convictions.Her admirable audacity will live through generations to come. May she continue to shake our faith with the same spirit. - Fr Arun SJ , Chitrabani
Mary Ward Week , was truly inspiring and fruitful. It reminds me of patience , courage , faithfulness , conscience and perseverance which were timely tested virtues of Mary Ward.She was ablazing with a zeal for God's love even to the extent of paying her own life as a ransom. - Fr Arun SJ , Chirtabani
Here I am walking alone There I find a far dreamt land Where the spirit of service is sown Everywhere dedication is spanned When I alight, I see it close Cheerfully, I give myself I am here as I am the chosen one God made me a woman to do much By- Nandini Bhattacharjee, Teacher at Loreto Day School, Elliot Road
I,and my full family are very much inspired by her beautiful thought,'That Women In Times Will Do Much".Our greatest Foundress Mary Ward will always remain in our hearts for her wonderful deeds,sacrifices,helpful nature ,kindness and many more things which she contributed towards the society for the development of women.We are also inspired by her that we should not only pray for ourselves, rather we should pray for the whole world,that God provide each one of us with better life.'Aimen Ali Shah , Class 3, section 2
I became inspired by Mary Ward due to her good deeds , like :she declared mainly the education of girls , because she knew that in the country where girls are well educated , that country is the best educated country .I also became inspired by one of the incidents of our foundress Mary Ward 's life that we should believe in God and be responsible in our own work . " Strive more to merit the praise and love of others than to receive it ." Neelanjana Saha , Class - 3 , Section - 2 .
Mary Ward has inspired me in many ways but her maxim "Show yourself at all times glad and joyful,for Almighty God loves a cheerful giver" Aqsa Hossain Class 2 Sec ii
I am inspired and will be inspired by Mary Ward by helping for the education of girls and help the poor and needy .I am also inspired by the qualities of Mary Ward that are sincerity, deep faith in god, courage, joy and intergrity. Mary Ward found God in all things. Marium Ali Class- 2-Sec-2
I Love Mary Ward and this thought of her has inspired me a lot “Almighty God Loves A Cheerful Giver” Zahek Anjum Class 1 – Sec II
Enter Mary Ward had inspired me to be faithful and to have faith in God. To love another Especially the poor and needy. We should always have a compassionate towards poor and needy. We should always follow our religion sincerely and understand the proper meaning of it. Name: Jewel Teresa Rao. Class: 3 sec 2
Mary Ward has inspired us to become a good human being first and then we can be good in any field . We should be kind and loving. Umaiza Baheera, Class 1
We should love Mary Ward and speak the truth like her. We should also love God and trust Him.-- Madhura Biswas Class 3- ll.
Do good to every one God will be with you. -- Aishani Biswas KG II
Do good and do it well Being kind n generous to the underprivileged inspired me the most.. Zoya Rahaman Class, 3 II
Mary Ward has inspired me in many ways..but above all is the feeling of giving without any expectations in return and also that women are capable of doing everything and anything on Earth..I have got the essence of women empowerment from her. Mysha Mallick class 3 Sec 2.
Love and speak truth at all time Anaya Aftab V- 1
If you show service to anyone do it willingly
A woman of vision, Mary Ward thought differently than others and saw the true potential of women and the need for their education. To love the poor, persevere in the same. Live, die, and rise with them was all the aim of Mary Ward. Even today Mary Ward's vision inpires millions of women around the world to follow her idea that women can do much more than the social perception about women. Angira Dasgupta Arinda, Class 3 - II
I was deeply inspired by the many painting of 'The Painted Life' of Mary Ward which show her in churches , places of pilgrimage and in the silence of her room....her words 'Refer all to God' has helped me see God's Hand in my present situation - Sr Marilla
"the post - Corona world is quite uncertain"....(MWW booklet 23rd Jan). Mary Ward faced uncertainties all through her life yet she inspires me to fidelity even in the most difficult times. - Sr Marilla
The Mary Ward Week Booklet 2021....helped me look at Mary Ward as a 'Woman in tune with Creation' I am invited to recognize God's presence all around me. - Sr Marilla
Mary Ward was very kind and generous. Kind acts of Mary Ward continues to inspire me everyday. (Aakansha Gupta Class II Sec II)
Mary Ward...Your Dedication Will Live Forever In My Heart! This Thought Of Mary Ward Has Inspired Me The Most.." Do What You Do, Apply Yourself Diligently To The Work At Hand And Perform It Carefully And Perfectly." Mrs. Priscilla Beverly Caszo
Women In Time To Come Will Do Much.” - Mary Ward Natasha Kamdar, class 3, sec 2
Be kind to everybody and it will come back to you in many ways, Be honest Name: Tasneem Ahmed , Class: KG II , Sec: 2
Mary Ward...your Dedication will live forever in my heart! This thought of Mary Ward has inspired me the most.." Do what you do, apply yourself diligently to the work at hand and perform it carefully and perfectly." Mrs. Priscilla Beverly Caszo
Love and speak the truth at all times. Name--Sumaiya Aftab Class --2 section-2
Be kind and marciful towards the poor and do not call them beggars.(Cynthia Mukherjee ,class-2,sec-2)
"Almighty God Loves A Cheerful Giver." ~Mary Ward Afreen Abedin (Class III - I)
"Fear Sin ,which displeases God. If we be free from that ,what shall we need to fear ? "-MARY WARD Shahnaz Akhtar (Class 11-C)
" I found my heart full of love for this thing, accompanied by such glory that not yet can I comprehend what it is" -MARY WARD Anushka Ghosh (class 5-(ii)
"Love the poor, persevere in the same, live,die and rise with them."- Mary Ward Sampreeti Das (Class 11 C)
"Be seekers of truth and doers of justice ." Mary Ward Mrs. Maria Monalisa Dias
''God Is Rich Enough For Us All''- Preyosi Saha (Class-5 Sec-2)
"Let no day go by in which you do not heroically conquer yourself." Aaratrika Paul (Class-5 Sec-2)
Pray that I may have one will with God's and then what happens will always be best welcome - Mary Ward Teesha Bothra ( Class 11 C)
Women should and can provide something more than ordinary. Anjali Kripalani (Class 11 C)
"Act not out of fear but solely from love"-Mary Ward Manavi Saha Shaw-KG 1
" What is not done in one year....can be done in another." Sr Marilla
' Forgive your enemies cordially & pray for them heartily" Sr Marilla
" God loves a cheerful giver." Sr Marilla
"Show yourself at all times glad and joyful ,for Almighty God loves a cheerful giver" -Mary Ward "Marium Ali Class-2 Sec-ii"
"Be Kind And Merciful Towards The Poor And Don't Call Them Beggars " - Mary Ward , Shrija Chowdhury ,Class- 3 , Section -1 , Roll Number -12 .
" Show yourself at all times glad and joyful for God loves a cheerful giver." - Vaagmi Trivedi. 11 ( Commerce).
" Show yourself at all times glad and joyful for God loves a cheerful giver."
“Gather for yourself in your youth a great treasure of good habits.” - Aayman Anwar Ali (9-1) Comment
“Be compassionate and merciful towards the poor and generous also, if you have the means.” -Mariyam Qifthiya Riyasath 12C
“The best way to bear troubles is to thank God for them.” -Sadaf Ali (10-1)
“Let your love be at all times rooted in God and then remain faithful to your friend.” Maham Jahangir 10-1
“Accustom yourself in all doubts to cry out, ‘Lord, what will you have me to do?’” Nakiya Dodia 11-H
“The spirit of God is not ill-mannered, it teaches all courteousness.”~ Mary Ward Mahak Gupta (10-1)
“Women in time to come will do much.” - Mary Ward Alisha Khan 12(H)
"Be kind and merciful towards the poor and do not call them beggars" - Mary Ward Aishani Dey 7(ii)
“We should be grateful to our benefactors, loving towards our enemies, obliging to our companions and courteous to everyone.”- Mary Ward Farida .A. Kothari Class 7(I)
"Do good and do it well"-Mary Ward Aratrika Ghosh,8-1
Be merry and doubt not our master"-Mary Ward Neelakshi Sarkar class 8 section 2
"If you show service to anyone, do it willingly.'' -MARY WARD Debotri Mitra, class 6 section ii
“Mistrust in God ties, as it were, His hands so that He cannot bestow on us His blessings.”- Mary Ward Afsa Kibria Class 6 Section 1