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Absence And Leave
  • A list of holidays for the current year is printed in this diary. All are expected to attend school on the last day and the reopening day after the each vacation. Should any child be unwell and unable to attend classes on the first and / or the last day, the parents must come personally with a letter of absence and supporting documents. Parents are requested not to take their children on vacation beyond the stipulated duration.
  • Pupils who have been absent from class must have the reason entered in the Regularity Record, in the diary under ‘Absence’ stating briefly the cause of the absence, signed by the parent. If a girl is absent because of illness or any other reason for more than three days the Principal has to be informed by letter and a copy of the prescription and a doctor’s certificate brought when the girl returns.
  • If a child is absent for more than three months, without informing the school, her name will be struck off the roll.
  • Parents are requested not to send their children for an examination when ill or recovering from illness. Parents should inform the School authorities if the child is suffering from any serious illness, chronic ailment, physical handicap or sensory defect (e.g heart disorder or epilepsy). In case of Chicken Pox. Measles, Mumps or any other such contagious diseases, the parents are advised to maintain a quarantine period of 21 days before the child is sent back to school or till a fitness certificate is given by a qualified doctor. Once the child is diagnosed with an illness for more than three days a letter requesting sanction for leave, a medical certificate and a copy of the prescription must be given in the school office. A fitness certificate must be submitted to the office when she resumes school.
  • To ensure regularity, medical appointments should be made on the weekly holiday. Should this not be possible and an appointment has to be made on a school day, the pupil should remain absent for the full day, unless she takes prior permission through a letter from her parent addressed to the Principal and thereafter sanctioned by the Head of the Institution.
  • In case of a long illness, the parent must personally inform the Principal about the nature and likely duration of the pupil’s illness. A covering letter, Xerox of the prescription and a medical certificate must be submitted after the diagnosis is made. On recovery a fit certificate is to be submitted If the leave is needed as in the case of a wedding, prior permission must be taken from the Principal only. In the event of a death or emergency the school must be informed at the earliest.
  • No pupil may leave the school premises without the permission of the Principal. The observance of this regulation is of vital importance for the safety of the children and school discipline.
  • Late arrival to school is a breach of discipline. A student who comes late to school must enter the date and time of arrival into the Regularity Record under ‘Late.’ A record will be maintained in the school diary. If a student comes in late for the 5th time, then the parents will be sent for and spoken to. Thereafter, she may be sent home if the same problem persists.
  • Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience, or conduct injurious to the tone of the school, are sufficient reasons for dismissal of a student. The Principal has the right to suspend attendance or require the withdrawal of any pupil, without having to assign any reason, provided that she is satisfied that such a step is necessary in the interest of the school and the pupil concerned.
  • Early Departure: It is availed only when there is an emergency at home or when a student gets sick in the school. It is not granted to those who come sick from home.
  • In case a child falls sick/ meets with an accident in the school premises she can be helped with immediate first aid only. The parents will be informed and are expected to come and attend immediately. It is important to give the correct contact numbers in the diary and update it whenever there is a change.
  • The school declines all responsibility if through failure to produce a letter giving reasons for her absence or delay, a girl is obliged to return home during school hours.