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Promotion And Fees
  • Promotion depends on the child’s performance throughout the year in the Class assignments given and performance in the two terminal examinations will be taken into account while considering the promotion of the child.
  • The Unit system divides the syllabus of each subject into clearly defined blocks of related matter, e.g one or more chapters of a text book. As soon as the matter of a particular unit has been completed in class, the student is assessed.
  • The assessments duly corrected and evaluated are given back to the students to be taken home and signed by the parents.
  • A child found with an un-signed report may not be admitted in class.
  • For students who are absent from Block, Terminal Examinations or tests (Class V to XII) no provision will be made for a Supplementary test.
  • Parents are requested not to send the children for an examination when they are ill or recovering from illness.
  • No pupil will be allowed to sit for the promotion examination if the attendance during the year is below 80%. A child is liable to be asked to repeat a year in the same class if her attendance is below 80% without a strong valid reason.
  • Pupils whose Fees and Annual Charges have not been paid on time may be barred from sitting for the examinations and are liable to have their names struck off the role.
  • Attendance for internal assessments and Projects for Classes IX to XII is compulsory on the days scheduled. No exceptions can be made in this regard. Defaulters may be awarded zero in that particular subject.
  • Examinees are not expected to indulge in any of the following acts:

    1. Breach of any of the regulations of conduct at examinations or indiscipline in or outside the hall. A students guilty of disorderly conduct or responsible for causing any kind of disturbance in or near the examination room is liable to be refused admission to subsequent papers. The use of unfair mean, even if discovered subsequently, will merit the cancellation of the particular paper and the student concerned will be awarded a zero.
    2. A student who has made arrangements to obtain unfair help in connection with the question papers from any persons or any agency is liable to have her result in the examination cancelled as a whole. Candidates who are detected giving or obtaining or attempting to give or obtain unfair assistance, or who are otherwise detected in any dishonesty whatsoever, will be debarred from the examination.
    3. A student is not expected to have in her possession any book, memorandum, or pocket book, notes, or papers whatsoever during the "examination".. Incidents/ possession of any of the above may result in suspension and in the event of a serious nature – to be judged by the Principal – may result in dismissal from the school.
  • A student who has recourse to premeditated cheating and will be given TC at the end of the school year.
  • The reports must be collected by the Parents on the stipulated day.
  • A defaulter may be penalized through a fine and may not be allowed to attend the school until her report is collected.
  • In all questions of promotion or failure the Principal’s decision is FINAL.